Community Guidelines

We encourage you to use Quizefy to share your knowledge, experiences and personality. In doing so, we need you to be respectful of your fellow Quizefiers.

We want everyone to feel safe in our game, so we have put together following community guidelines. We reserve the right to remove any content from our app or website, repeated offences may result in the offending account being suspended or terminated.

No cyberbullying of any kind
No harassment or threats of any kind
No sexually explicit material of any kind
No promotion of threats or violence
No posting of personal information
No hate speech
No cursing or other explicit language
Respect other people’s intellectual property, don’t post content if you don’t own it, or have permission to post
Protect your personal information, think before you post.

This list is not all-inclusive and we reserve the right to remove any content or account at our own discretion. Quizefy will cooperate with law enforcement on request, and will report anything that we perceive as a risk of physical harm to yourself or another.