December 5, 2023
Melinda Head

A Big Thing for Gamers

Tune-In on Thursday

The 2023 Game Awards will be held in Los Angeles on Thursday, December 7th.

Since 2014, this annual event has become a big thing for gamers worldwide. Some liken it to the equivalent of the Academy Awards for video games.

It’s hard to believe The Game Awards is the brainchild of a Torontonian, Geoff Keighley. As usual, being from Canada he had to leave Canada to become a Big Thing. Drake, Justin Bieber, James Cameron, Keanu Reeves and Ryan Gosling are just a few examples of Canadians who made their fame south of the Canadian border, not at home.

This is Geoff Keighley, the man behind The Game Awards

Prizes will be awarded in 26 game and 6 esports categories.

Nominees are selected by a global jury from more than 100 media publications and influencer outlets. There is one exception: Players’ Voice, which is fully nominated and voted on by the public – however much that is possible these days with unscrupulous voting practices.

As always, the Game of the Year award is the Big Enchilada.

Last year, Elden Ring won the coveted GOTY award, and went on to sell more than 20 million copies, topping $1 billion in revenue.

In top contention for the 2023 Game of the Year Award are Baldur’s Gate 3 and Alan Wake 2.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Magic and Adventure

Baldur’s Gate 3 unfolds in the Forgotten Realms, where characters grapple with an otherworldly parasite, entangling their destinies. Players enter a myriad of landscapes, participate in strategic turn-based combat, and engage with a variety of unique non-playable characters, each with their own special raison d’etre. If you wish to become the hero of a personally crafted fantasy world, Baldur’s Gate 3 is for you.

Alan Wake 2: Anxiousness and Anticipation

Alan Wake 2 continues the story of crime thriller novelist Alan Wake as he navigates through a dark and mysterious world filled with supernatural forces. The game immerses players in a gripping narrative, offering a highly suspenseful experience, while allowing players to impact character development and the story as it unfolds.

It’s great that Nintendo has 15 nominations, Sony has 13 and Xbox (including Bethesda and Activision Blizzard) has 10, but what about the little guy? Let's call out the Best Indie Game nominees, which include the following. Last year, Stray, featuring Murtaugh aka The Boss, topped the awards.

The awards ceremony will feature surprise appearances from the gaming world, premiere announcements and trailer reveals for upcoming game titles, live music performances and celeb appearances. With 100+ million live streams in 2022, will you be part of this phenom?

Tune In to The Game Awards: Thursday, December 7, 4:30 PM PT

How to Watch The Game Awards

The Game Awards will be streaming live on its official YouTube and Twitch channels, along with direct feeds on social media sites such as Facebook, TikTok and X aka Twitter.

Congrats Mr. Keighley on your 10th anniversary! Canadians are very proud of you.

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