September 7, 2021
Melinda Head

Countdown to James Bond in No Time to Die (Finally)

Car chases, explosions, beautiful women … the works

James Bond is an unrivaled special agent, a notorious ladies’ man and a masculine icon whose lifestyle is pure rocket fuel for the imagination.

The charming, good-looking super-spy came to life in 1953, the year Ian Fleming’s first novel was published. From a family of wealth and privilege, Mr. Fleming had first-hand experience living a luxurious life and that, coupled with his intelligence experience, provided perfect fodder for James Bond’s character development.

Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond series at his Jamaican home, Goldeneye. He accepted a job with Kemsley Newspapers on the proviso that he be allowed 3 months off per year to write. You can stay at Goldeneye:

1953 was a big year:

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower was inaugurated as POTUS 34
  • Queen Elizabeth II was crowned at age 27
  • American virologist Jonas Salk administered the polio vaccine he developed to himself, paving the way for it to become available for public use 2 years later
  • British physicist Francis Crick and American biologist James Watson discovered the double-helix structure of human DNA
  • Joseph Stalin, the son of a cobbler and head of the Soviet Union for 30 years, died after suffering a stroke at age 74
  • The Korean War, a 3 year superpower clash over communism and democracy, ended in a stalemate without a peace treaty
  • Cambodia became independent from France
  • Sir Edmund Hillary, an explorer from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay, a Nepalese Sherpa, become the first to successfully climb to the summit of Mount Everest
  • Color TVs went on sale to the public for the first time ever
  • The Corvette was introduced to the American marketplace

This year marks the 25th James Bond movie to have been produced since the release of Dr. No in 1963 starring a relatively unknown Scottish actor, Sean Connery. And 2021 is a different world altogether. Perhaps the only commonality is the race to eradicate COVID-19 instead of polio.

No Time to Die was originally scheduled to be released in early 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. Now the word is out: No Time to Die will premiere at London’s Royal Albert Hall on September 28th, and be released globally on October 8th.  Despite several delays, antagonist Kamal Khan summed up the situation well in Octopussy: “You seem to have a nasty habit of surviving”.

We will miss Daniel Craig when he disappears into the night. What do we know about this man with blonde hair and blue eyes?

  • He first played James Bond at 38 and is now 53 years old
  • Of French and Welsh descent, he is the son of an art teacher and midshipman/steel erector/pub owner who eventually divorced
  • You got it – he worked part-time in restaurants to finance his drama education
  • Quite the ladies’ man himself, Craig is now married to Rachel Weisz and has 2 daughters
  • He has played James Bond 5 times, taking a 6 year break since last filming Spectre
  • When he was originally offered the James Bond role, it scared him to death:  “I could be anonymous in this world. It was genuinely like, my life is going to get fucked if I do this”
  • Skyfall (2012), his third Bond film, is the franchise’s highest-grossing production, raking in $304.4 million in the U.S. and $1.1 billion globally
  • No doubt a factor in his retirement from the 007 role, Craig has experienced several injuries on set: he tore the labrum in his right shoulder, ruptured both calf muscles, and destroyed his anterior cruciate ligament

“You get tighter and tighter, and then you just don’t bounce … It feels like how the fuck are we going to do this?” (Daniel Craig, GQ)

Streaming on Apple TV until October 7th, “Being James Bond” is a 45 minute retrospective that features Daniel Craig reflecting on his 15 years playing Bond. And here’s a great article about the man himself:

Now available free on Apple TV

GQ Article: Heart of An Assassin: How Daniel Craig Changed James Bond Forever

It seems Craig has also mastered the subtle art of comedy and self satire. Take a look at this hilarious clip poking fun at Bond's notorious vices.

The next chapter in the James Bond franchise will be up to Barbara Broccoli (daughter of Albert “Cubby” Broccoli who established the Bond franchise with Canadian Harry Saltzman), who now runs Eon Productions with her half-brother, Michael G. Wilson. Neither will reveal their cards for the post-Craig era (surprise, surprise), but the rumor mill is in high gear and here’s what we know:

“Bond can be of any color, but he is male. I believe we should be creating new characters for women – strong female characters. I’m not particularly interested in taking a male character and having a woman play it. I think women are far more interesting than that.” (Barbara Broccoli, Producer, Eon Productions)

Vogue Article: Who will be the Next James Bond?

In No Time to Die, Lashana Lynch will play Nomi, a new agent who inherits James Bond’s legendary code number:

“Nomi is a fine example of your modern-day woman who doesn’t take anything lying down and who gives everyone and anyone a run for their money. Mentally, physically, energetically and spiritually, she has everything covered so that whatever questions you had about women and this franchise are shot down completely.” (Lashana Lynch, LA Times)

Lashana Lynch is due to inherit number 007

Oh, one curve ball. MGM Studios has accepted a $8.45 billion offer from Amazon, which is still subject to regulatory approval. Let’s hope Amazon doesn’t screw with James Bond. What an appropriate word with which to end this blog, one that is a common element of Daniel Craig’s everyday vocabulary – except it starts with an F.

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