December 22, 2020
Melinda Head

Introducing FACT-ory by Quizefy

In addition to our constantly changing Quiz of the Day, today we’re introducing Trending Topics. Each week, on Tuesday, we will dive into a hot or trending topic.

Think #TrendingTuesday.

Trending topics experience surges in popularity for a limited duration of time. They are often associated with fashion, pop culture and entertainment, because they are short-lived, sometimes outrageous, and fun to talk about. There are, of course, many other types of trends, too - some serious, some informative, you never know what might pop up. We won’t know, ourselves, until a day or so ahead of time.

Trends differ from patterns, which repeat in a predictable manner. We will seize the unpredictable. The wow. The noticeable. The cool. The hot. The lit. And give you the facts so you can #StrutYourSmart.

We really wanted our first Trending Topic to be Alex Trebek. As a trivia app, I can’t think of anything that would be more appropriate. Alex was a trending topic this fall, when the iconic Jeopardy! quiz-man succumbed to pancreatic cancer after a 36 year run as the host of this incredibly successful and beloved trivia show. The man was also trendy with his 1970’s curly hair, sideburns and mustache.

Image by Ross Dunn

@Jeopardy! is taking the next 2 weeks to honor Alex and will be airing his favorite episodes around the world. We decided to make Alex Trebek our first #TrendingTuesday Topic. Today you will find questions about Mr. Trebek to challenge any trivia buff, accompanied by interesting related blog content for those who want more meat around the bones. Look for our Alex Trebek blog in just a couple of hours!

Around the World With Alex Link

You can play our trending topics Quiz of the Day in the Quizefy app. Login to Quizefy each Tuesday to play our Quiz of the Day. These are limited time quizzes, so be sure to check in with us each Tuesday for Trending Topics, and daily for all the other Quizzes of the Day.

Each Trending Topic will also have deeper narrative in the form of a blog, which we’ve aptly called FACT-ory by Quizefy. We couldn’t believe that this URL was available for $2.99 – what a score! Thank-you @GoDaddy!

Wanna learn more about a Trending Topic? Tell us what you’d like us to cover by using the comments section below or by posting on our social media with #StrutYourSmart. If we go with your idea, you’ll receive kudos in Quizefy’s #ShoutOutSaturday. You might even become a trend!

Duke University Trendspotting Article

Chocolate bombs are currently very trendy. Have you tried one yet?

Chocolate Bomb Recipe Link

Bitcoin value is going through the roof. 1,000 bitcoins purchased just a few years ago are now worth 200,000. Can you do the math?

Bitcoin Image

Coming Up For Quizefy

On Tuesdays we always cover a trending topic in our blog, matched with an accompanying Quiz of the Day, through our Quizefy app.  Every other day, we also have a Quiz of the Day but without a blog to provide hints. Our Quizefy Quiz of the Day line up for the next several days is:
Tuesday, June 22: New Olympic Sports
Wednesday, June 23: Pride Month
Thursday, June 24: Fairy Day
Friday, June 25: Catfish Day
Saturday, June 26: Beauticians Day
Sunday June 27: Week in Review (we cover this topic every Sunday)
Monday, June 28: Alaska Day
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